Sarah, Director,
Investment Banking

"Working with Sandra was an invaluable experience. I was new to coaching and did not exactly know what to expect – I just knew I needed somebody to help me sort my career aspirations and give me the support and push I needed. Through the coaching work with Sandra, it helped me realize what was holding me back and go for it. The experience was so eye opening and impactful for me. Thank you."

Julie, Executive Director, Investment Banking

"I worked with Sandra during my promotion process. It felt like I had a partner on my side, and it really helped me focus and prepare. I got valuable insights for my development and took a lot away to implement with my team. The coaching sessions gave me the time and space to think that I just couldn’t seem to find during my normal work rush."

"The coaching outweighed my expectations in terms of what I took away and was able to apply to my day-to-day role in Investment Banking. Sandra was very structured and organized in her approach which created a ‘safe space’ to share thoughts and feelings where I felt at ease. Her manner and style created a space which was focused and objective-driven whilst also being relaxed and fun. I feel it was her clarity and explanation that led to the ‘lightbulb moments’ I experienced during the coaching program."

Clarissa, Vice President, Investment Banking

Kim, Director,
Investment Banking

"Thank you for coaching me this year – it was an invaluable experience and a lot of fun! I have no doubt that you are going to transform many people and careers through your work."

Anna, Counsel,
Law Firm

"Sandra is a great listener and thinking partner and keeps you on your toes – providing just the right balance of empathy and challenge to get you results. Although it was tough at times juggling the sessions with a busy work schedule, it was really worth it and every session was a great experience."

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