Whilst coaching provides the individual with the space to take a step back and raise awareness, it also adds to the employee experience of being cared for by the organization, being able to grow and develop. At the same time, it enables the organization to improve performance results and create a sustainable diverse workforce.

The pandemic has caused an acceleration of pressure points. Female talent is underrepresented across the mid-tier to senior executive levels, role models are missing, top talent needs to be retained and in general employees are demanding a culture shift to a more purposeful and enriching work experience.

This is where I can help.

My product is versatile and customized to the organization’s needs and pressing demands they are facing with regards to their mid to senior level talent population.

I offer one on one sessions in form of a coaching program, comprising six 90min coaching sessions tailored to the needs of the organization and the individual.

I deliver my coaching online and will therefore be able to coach in various locations flexibly.

My coaching program lasts around six months, with sessions every four to six weeks, but can be adapted to the individual situation.

Coaching Programs

1:1 Coaching

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Because I have been there myself and successfully navigated the business, my coaching approach reflects this. I can personally relate and connect to the organization’s female mid to senior talent pool and make my coaching relevant, impactful and results oriented for both the organization and my coachee.

Increasing confidence
Stepping up and reaching for roles outside the comfort zone
Promotion process
Transitions into a more senior role
Leadership skills
Executive presence
Resilience and stress management

Whilst topics will be very individual, the following themes are most common:

Coaching Topics

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