I worked with teams and individuals, and besides my day role I spent time coaching and mentoring colleagues to fulfill their potential, identify their strengths and flourish in the organization. This has become such an integral part for me that I embarked on my journey to become an executive coach and start transforming careers.

My skillset is built on my academic studies, professional experience as well as coaching training. I am accredited coach practitioner with the EMCC and committed to ongoing professional development as well as supervision.

I am passionate to perform and strive for excellence in what I do. I am determined to help high potential females be the best version of themselves and feel empowered and supported in their professional endeavors through my coaching.

Coming from the business, I was in the same position myself once – I know the pressures, the pain points and struggles but also the dreams and aspirations mid to senior level executives may have – and I want to help these women gain their insights to succeed, achieve their full potential and find their own career path – be the best version of themselves and add some enjoyment and passion to perform back into the work equation.

The work world has a far way to go to reach equality and I want to utilize my experience and perseverance to make a difference. This is what my business is about.

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What does "Point Break" Executive Coaching stand for?

A point break is where a wave consistently breaks.

When conditions are right, they are one of the best and longest waves to surf, but they can be difficult to get on to. 

You need confidence and determination to paddle out and get to the point where everything comes together with the take off. 

As in coaching, you have to put in the work to conquer your fears and interferences, you have to be brave and step out of your comfort zone if you want to achieve your full potential. 

My goal is to get my coachees to their point break and help them take off so they can ride their perfect wave, and are in the flow state performing at their best. Peak Performance.

It can be the point of their break through.